InspectorCard Features


Every home inspector would love to have a desk inside of every real estate broker's office so that they could just walk up to you and order an inspection out of "convenience". Fortunately, every real estate pro's smartphone is their mobile office (and more of them use it then their physical offices to conduct business). InspectorCard is your virtual sales desk that gets "pinned" to their smartphone homescreens so that you are always available and just one tap tap away when they need to refer business.

Also, real estate pros can share your InspectorCard with clients to pin, as well. In fact, anyone can pin your InspectorCard to their smartphone and tablet homescreens. And because InspectorCard is browser-based (not a mobile app), it can even be used on traditional PCs and laptops just as easily.


Make it easy for people to access, review, and share your business-related documents such as inspection sample reports, inspection agreements, brochures, and anything else you want through your InspectorCard.


Your InspectorCard provides your clients and real estate-related referrers with a variety of forms to help you collect valuable information. These include an inspection order form, customer service rating form, customer support form, and other forms that you need customized to you.

All form data is sent directly to you via email, and only you receive the data. We do not store it, nor do we share any data within your forms with third parties.


The law requires that you don't SPAM people with your newsletters. That means everyone has to opt-in to receive it. Unfortunately, traditional newsletters aren't interactive. Sometimes, your newsletter content is even irrelevant to recipients (which causes high rates of "unsubscribes". Your InspectorCard allows people to subscribe to eight different, and useful, discussion threads that anyone can participate in.

Your HOME TIPS discussion area is fed comments from real estate-related professionals from around the country. This includes other home inspectors, real estate agents, lenders, contractors, and more. As others contribute "tips", it feeds the discussion thread with content within your InspectorCard. When email alerts are sent to your subscribers, it brings them back to YOUR InspectorCard!

HOWEVER - You can choose to treat your Home Tips discussion thread as your own personal BLOG. If that's what you want, then we can detach the wide-area content feeds and make your Home Tips display only YOUR content. Just let us know.


Remember the days when people had to remember your business name, your website address, and your email address if they wanted to refer you? That's no longer the case with InspectorCard. Anyone who has your InspectorCard pinned to their smartphone can easily select multiple sharing options which includes texting, email, and multiple social media services.

It's a different world, and technology is on your side. Now, by sharing your InspectorCard (versus just sharing your phone number), recipients can learn a lot more about your company, instantly access resources, and engage you like never before so that the inspection sale is MUCH easier to make.

Best of all, your InspectorCard is NOT a "mobile app". This mean other people are not required to download or install anything to access and use it. It is fully web-based and works inside of a browser. This means it can also be used on PCs as well as mobile devices regardless of device types or operating systems.


Your InspectorCard isn't just for smartphone homescreens. In fact, real estate pros can embed your InspectorCard, with full functionality, directly into their own websites! Best of all, it's just "copy and paste" (the embed code). No knowledge of programming or HTML is required. We even provide real estate pros in your area with an embeddable directory that they can insert into their own websites or pin to their smartphones!

The InspectorCard Directory you see below is embedded and set to display in full view. However, the size and width of the display area is fully editable.

Frequently-Asked Questions

  • How do I receive inspection orders and referrals?

    All inspection orders and referrals go straight to your email inbox. You may need to adjust your inbox permissions so that orders and referrals are not sent to your spam folder.

  • How do I start getting people to pin my InspectorCard to their smartphone homescreens?

    Invite them to. You can send out a mass email to your prior clients and agent contacts, post "pinvites" to your social media channels, or tell your new clients to pin it.

    We also strongly suggest that you create half-sheet fliers that you can print and deliver to real estate offices all around your service area that introduces your InspectorCard and provides the URL (web address) for them to access and pin it. We can create a terrific flyer for you for a nominal fee.

  • Is InspectorCard a mobile app?

    No. InspectorCard is a browser-based application that functions inside of a website browser. This allows it to be used on both PCs and mobile devices. There is nothing to download or install.

  • Can I edit content in my InspectorCard?

    There are elements of your InspectorCard that you can edit, but most of "complicated" stuff is done for you by out staff in order to preserve functionality and aesthetics.

  • Can I upload documents such as a PDF version of my corporate brochure, agreements, and sample reports?

    If you need any documents uploaded, simply email them to us. It only takes seconds. We will display your documents in the Google Documents Viewer so that it looks professional.

  • Can I use my own inspection scheduling system inside my InspectorCard?

    Yes. You can iframe ISN, Schedule Center, ClickBook, HomeGauge, or any online scheduling system into your InspectorCard.

  • Can I customize forms in my InspectorCard?

    Forms may be customized for a fee, but you cannot customize them on your own. The fee starts at $15 and increases based on the amount of customization required.

  • Can images and videos be included in discussion threads?

    Yes. You can add images and video by simply pasting the URL to the online image or YouTube video inside of a comment.

  • Does my InspectorCard manage my contacts for me?

    No. We DO NOT want to reinvent the wheel. There are already dozens of terrific contact managers that have a proven track record. Keep using them. InspectorCards are intended specifically to make it easier for consumers and real estate pros to do business with you rather than functioning as yet another contact manager.