InspectorCard Marketing Strategies

The following are examples of "marketing-communications" that you can use when implementing your InspectorCard market dominance strategy.


Use this strategy when you communicate with people in your email contacts list whom you feel would be willing to be your eyes and ears for referrals.

Write: Hi, John! Hope everything is well with you.

I'd like to help you expedite your ability to refer inspection clients and process inspection orders. I have implemented something new to help with that. It's called "InspectorCard". All you have to do is "pin" it to your smartphone homescreen, and I'll be just "one tap" away should you, or your clients, ever need me.

Here is the direct link to my InspectorCard.

It only take SECONDS to add me to your homescreen. There's nothing to download or install, either.

Also, I was hoping that you could also post my InspectorCard account address to your Facebook status and Tweet it, too. I really appreciate your help with this! Let's try to get together soon!




Use this strategy when you are posting to social media that allows for more than 141 characters like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Write: Hi everyone! Here is my new InspectorCard! Open the link in your mobile smartphone or tablet we browser, then tap/click on MENU. Tap/click on 'Add to Homescreen', and follow the simple instructions. This will allow you to pin my InspectorCard's quick-launch button to you device homescreen. Should you every need a home inspection, or you run into anyone who does, simply use the integrated "Share" tools to send my InspectorCard to them. It's that simple!


Use this strategy when you are posting to Twitter.

Write: Please add my InspectorCard to your device homescreen! Nothing to install. Just tap 'Add to Homescreen'. Then share it!


Use this strategy when you speaking to someone face-to-face.

Say: I'm going to send you a link to my InspectorCard. When you get it, then just follow the instructions to pin me to your smartphone homescreen. What's your mobile number or email address?


Use this strategy when you print and deliver flyers to real estate offices or anywhere else.

How: Create a half-sheet flyer (two per sheet of paper) that you can print and drop off. Make sure that it has the URL (web address) for you InspectorCard on it, and accentuate its benefits. If you aren't capable of designing your own InspectorCard flyer, then let know. We charge a nominal fee for design and can have it ready for you to print and distribute very quickly.

Frequently-Asked Questions

  • Some people don't know how to pin quick-launch icons to their homescreens. Are instructions available for them within my InspectorCard web-app?

    Yes, there are instructions for multiple devices available from within your InspectorCard.

  • How will I know how many people pin my InspectorCard to their smartphones or tablets?

    Because it is freely-shareable, there is no way to tell exactly how many pinned it. However, you can tell how many unique visitors it receives from a counter that is built into your InspectorCard.

  • Some of my contacts still don't use smartphones. How can they benefit from InspectorCard?

    Even if your clients don't use smartphones, they can use it, and share it, from their desktop PCs.

  • How do I include InspectorCard in my newsletters, brochures, and other online/offline documents?

    Your InspectorCard can be found through its URL (web address). Just copy and paste it into your online/offline documents.

  • What happens to my InspectorCard if I decide to stop using it after it has been pinned to dozens of smartphone homescreens?

    Your InspectorCard account will be taken offline and replaced with a 'redirect message' of your choice.