Real Estate Pros

Whether you are a real estate agent, broker, lender, builder, or any other referrer of home inspection services, we have something that can be very useful for you.

The application you see below can be embedded (as an iframe) in your own website so that your clients or representatives can order home inspections from your local inspectors. This is a RESPA-compliant application that is totally free for you to use and share with your team and clients.

All that you need to do is create a "blank" page in your website, then copy and paste the "embed code" for your state into that blank page. This will instantly put our inspection ordering system on your website with multiple inspector options!

The embed below is for "The Inspection Boys" inspection franchise of New York. To find the embed code, simply click on the "three lines" in the upper-right corner of the application interface, and select "Embed" from the drop-down menu. Then, copy the code and paste it into your own website to include the inspector directory for your state. It's that easy!

Frequently-Asked Questions

  • How do I add this if I have a basic profile page on my broker's website?

    Tell your broker's web development manager to add it. If you have access to edit your own profile, then simply add the link (URL) to your state's inspector directory.